The Society came into being in the year 1996. It was the great lovers of his music who presented the initiative of creating an organization which would cultivate the memory and artistic activity of Feliks Nowowiejski - an outstanding Poznań composer, conductor, and organ virtuoso, whose works gained publicity all around the world. The idea was supported by many people who were then to become the members-founders of the Society. The list includes Jan Nowowiejski, the Patron's only alive son, the Rector of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, the Rector of the I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań, the Director of the Poznań Philharmonic, Prof. Andrzej Koszewski. a composer, as well as other musicians, museum workers, journalists, and lawyers.
According to its statute, the Society has the following objectives:
- inspiring and organizing the music culture in Poland with special emphasis on spreading and deepening knowledge of Feliks Nowowiejski, as well as disseminating his artistic activity in Poland and abroad;
- promoting Poznań and Wielkopolska within Poland and abroad through music;
- popularizing the organ music;
- concern with historic organ and their proper renovation; and
- promoting young musicians, especially organists.

The Society has already realized the following undertakings:
1. three international organ competitions;
2. seven festivals of passion and paschal music in churches and chamber halls of Poznań and Wielkopolska;
3. the celebrations of Feliks Nowowiejskie 125th birthday in the year 2002:
- vocal, choir, and vocal-instrumental concerts of Feliks Nowowiejski's music in concert halls and churches of Poznań and Wielkopolska;
- the performance of three oratoria: Quo Vadis, Znalezienie Św. Krzyża [The Finding of the Hoły Cross], and Powrót Syna Marnotrawnego [The Return of the Prodigal Son];
4. an exhibition devoted to the life and activity of Feliks Nowowiejski in the Henryk Sienkiewicz Literary Museum and the I. J. Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań;
5. the publication of the book entitled Ojciec Anioł - czyli wspomnienia o Feliksie Nowowiejskim [Father Angel - Memories About Feliks Nowowiejski];
6. the publication of the following records: Boże Narodzenie Feliksa Nowowiejskiego [Feliks Nowowiejski's Christmas]. Feliks Nowowiejski - Ojczyźnie. Muzyka patriotyczna [Feliks Nowowiejski - To the Homeland. Patriotic Music], Feliks Nowowiejski - Known and Unknown; In Feliks Nowowiejski's Musical Parlor;
7. the publication of a score album with carols;
8. co-organizing five cycles of Summer Concerts of the Sołacz District in Poznań. 
Most of the above-mentioned undertakings have been financed by the Authorities of the City of Poznań and the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Province.

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